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Do you want to know exceptional geological formations in the Coves Meravelles (caverns) in Benifallet? Do you want to see the Ebro Delta through binoculars through the Foradada, the highest mountain in the Montsià region, or the `Faig Pare´ (Father Beech), a beech with enormous roots located in La Sénia? Below, we present the areas of natural interest that you must take into account in the Tierras del Abro region.

4 essential natural areas

From north to south, from east to west, the Tierras del Ebro region can boast of very different natural areas between them. We have prepared a selection of those that you should keep in mind:

1. Serra de Cardó: The Serra de Cardó is a mountain range extended between Rasquera and Benifallet. Many people associate this name withy the formarl trhermal baths, the mineral waters of which with mineral properties have been used as the brand of one of Catalonia´s oldest bottled water. Surrounded by numerous ravines, the vegetation consists of rosemary, heather, oaks, pine forests and some oaks that have survived the fires. Away from any inhabited nucleus, the environment invites to stay in silence and in contact with oneself.

2. Serra de Godall: The Serra de Godall is a mountain range that extends parallel to the Montsià mountain range. It is a place with a high patrimonial value, since there are the cave paintings in the shelters located nearby the Ulldecona Hermitage, declared UNESCO World Heritage. Also very interesting are all the dry stone constructions that testify the authenticity of these rural constructions. In the interior slope of the sierra we find Godall and La Galera, neighbouring towns and places of passage of some recommended trekking routes.

3. Serra de Llaveria-Tivissa: The Serra de Llaveria is a mountainous complex located between the Priorat, Baix Camp and Ribera d'Ebre regions. The best time to admire the views is from autumn to early spring, when the mistral wind blows. The calcareous nature of its rocks, aided by the continuous action of the water and the wind, has caused the appearance of rocky shelters, caves and chasms. The landscape of the mountain range is woody, with land dedicated to the crop in the lower parts.There are holm oaks and deciduous trees, which give the landscape an intense coloration in autumn. Climbers find in these mountains a good place to climb!

4. Serra de Pàndols: Terra Alta is a region in which three mountain ranges converge: Pàndols, Cavalls and the northeast end of the Els Ports mountain range. These areas, of rustic geography, are particularly attractive for lovers of mountain hiking. A network of local itineraries runs through the natural areas and villages of this territory. In addition, this mountain range was the scenery of the Ebro Battle, and there are many points of historical interest that recently some tourist companies are interpreting along with visits to the COMEBE museums.

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