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Birds are part of the landscape in the Tierras del Ebro region. The beauty of a sunset with the stylized shadow of a group of flamingos in some lagoon of the Ebro Delta is worthy of the most demanding camera objectives. Apart from being one of the most beautiful landscapes in southern Europe, the Ebro Delta has become an international ornithological reference of the southern Mediterranean.

Birdwatching gains more and more weight in the Tierras del Ebro region in general, a territory in which some itineraries have already been defined to allow to capturing the life of the birds that live around the river and also in other protected natural mountain areas.

In recent times, this hobby has taken shape in the celebration of a festival, the Delta Birding Festival, which is held in the MónNatura area, which includes a hundred activities and brings together more than 2,000 indivoduals coming to the Ebro Delta to listen to speakers from all over Europe.

Ricard Gutierrez - Terres de l'Ebre 2017

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