Diputació de Tarragona



Yes, it is true, we are very privileged. All that we are right now, we owe it to our ancestors. In fact, the word „culture“derives from the Latin colere, meaning cultivation.

The Ebro are lands with a great cultural and historical heritage. Throughout the centuries, the river has become a great communication route between the coastal areas and the interior of the peninsula, a point of convergence of people and cultures.

On the other hand, the character of bridge territory between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragón has favored that the Tierras del Ebro are a nucleus of negotiations, repopulations and expansion of the Christianity. This legacy is very rich: prehistoric paintings, castles, churches and palaces, modernist constructions ..., accompanied by a good dose of traditions. Museums, historical recreation feats or routes through decisive spaces in history allow us to enjoy and, above all, not to forget.

Maite Hernàndez - Terres de l'Ebre 2017

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