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If you are interested in ancient cultures and archeology, the Terres de l'Ebre preserve many vestiges of the Iberian era.

The Ilercavones -that was the name of the Iberians of the Ebro Valley- lived from agriculture, livestock and mining. In the south of Catalonia, they extended a network of small walled nuclei around the Ebro. These were constructive structures of great consistency, reinforced with bastions and towers, which have been preserved in a fairly good condition until today.

Nowadays, the villages of Castellet de Banyoles in Tivissa or Moleta del Remei in Alcanar are some of the best examples of Iberian culture in Catalonia. La Moleta del Remei hosts, since 2009, the House of Tibast, a reproduction of a protohistoric habitat that will help you to imagine what the whole village was like before it was destroyed. Take advantage of the museographic resources offered by the site to better understand the daily life of the Iberians!

Turisme Terres de l'Ebre - L'Empremta dels Avantpassats

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