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Gastronomy and Wine Tourism

To really know a territory, you must know its gastronomy. The cuisine reflects the ancient and recent history of an area, integrating the influences received from other cultures and, above all, showing the richness of its natural surroundings.

The forests of the Els Ports mountains, the dryland plains, orchards bordering the Ebro river or the delta plain offer a diversity of products: mushrooms, vegetables, sweet fruit, citrus fruits or the characteristic rice of the Ebro Delta. All these products are complemented by the tasty fish, shellfish and mollusks that, fed by nutrients that the river pushes into the sea, are extracted from the bays and the interior lagoons.

In addition, many of the products made from these foods have obtained the Protected Denomination of Origin or the Protected Geographical Indication, two certificates recognizing the quality of elaborations such as rice sausages, olive oil, wines from the Tierra Alta region, or the varied pastries of Arab tradition. Here are some recommendations.


The 10 dishes you should order:

- Arroz de ribera (Ribera rice)
Baldana (rice suasage)
- Rice, cabbage and beans
Delta oysters
- Nettles
- Seaweed
Goat kid
- Clotxa (peasant bred, emptied and filled with herrings, sardines, garlic, onion and tomatoes)
Pastissets (sweet pastries)


Vicent Guimerà - Terres de l'Ebre 2017

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