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Do you want to take a trip to the past and discover how mankind lived 8,000 years ago? The Tierras del Ebro region has the cave paintings of the Pietat de Ulldecona, Hermitage, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1998, which are one of the most important collections of Levantine rock art on the Iberian peninsula..

In the Serra de Godall mountains and near the Pietat Hermitage are 11 Neolithic caves with paintings that contain 400 figures reproducing several hunting scenes. Which one is the jewel? The figure of a deer located in cave 1 that differs from the rest of the set by the vertical placement and precise definition of its contours. The Levantine paintings of Serra de Godall mountains collect a world of mythical stories directly related to hunting, the means of subsistence of those times. Also in the Ribera d'Ebre region are the rock paintings of Font Vilella de Tivissa that are located about 7 km from the town. At the bottom of the Vilella ravine, there is a large esplanade where there is the source of the same name, which was probably the place where the first inhabitants of the territory were established.

Turisme Terres de l'Ebre - L'Empremta dels Avantpassats

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