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Delta de l'Ebra Nature Park

Are you ready to discover a horizontal universe? The Ebro Delta Natural Park is the largest protected wetland in Catalonia. In total, 7,736 hectares where rice fields charge a different colour depending on the time of year we are, and become a pole of attraction of a rich flora and fauna.

More than 800 different species of flora, where the hurdles, the reeds, the eucalyptus trees and the river honeysuckles stand out. Much of this vegetation has had to adapt to extreme conditions and colonize dunes, saline soils or lagoon areas. The wildlife of the Delta, basically birds, attracts birdwatchers (observació d'aus) around the world. In fact, between 50,000 and 100,000 specimens of exactly 343 species of birds are quantified.

5 essential corners in the Ebro Delta

The physical characteristics of the Delta, completely flat and with several masses of water, allow you to enjoy nature on foot, by bike, on horseback or in canoe. Discover the 5 corners that you should not miss!


1. Bassa de les Olles:

La Bassa de les Olles, with 54 hectares, is the smallest lagoon in the Ebro Delta Natural Park. Communicating with the Fangar Bay, among rice fields and dunes, this lagoon is the result of one of the oldest mouths of the Ebro River. The visit, which can be started from l'Ampolla, is a must, since we can find flamingos, royal ducks, jackals or kingfishers.

2. L'Encanyissada and La Tancada

If the first is the smallest lagoon, this is just the opposite, the largest! There is the possibility of going around the lagoon - about 15km - with stretches of paved road and, others, without asphalting. The itinerary can start at the information centre of `Casa de Fusta´ (Wooden House), one of the most emblematic buildings of the Ebro Delta, built in the late 20's of the last century. On the other hand, visiting the La Tancada Lagoon by bike is a good option, as there is a bike lane along the northern perimeter of it. It is a very rich itinerary, since it goes through some very specific environment such as old salt mines that, despite being abandoned, you can see how the salt forming process works naturally due to the white salt layers formed during the summer.

To know the ecosystem you can visit the MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre information centre with an area of 41.2 hectares that puts the environmental richness of the area in value.

3. Punta del Fangar and Marquesa beach

Of all the beaches in the Ebro Delta Natural Park La Marquesa is one of the most magical that culminates with the imposing Fangar Lighthouse, a place that, because of its beauty, is almost close to mythical. Located on the El Fangar peninsula, it has miles of almost virgin sand. The dunes of La Marquesa are some of the best preserved in the Delta. Its golden sand and calm waters make it a comfortable beach for all ages. Although it lacks services, it has a restaurant where you can taste the excellent Delta rice.

4. Punta de la Banya and Trabucador beach

Have you ever been to a wild beach where flamingos and seagulls share the space with kites of all colours? During the summer, it is possible to access the Trabucador tip, a long sand barrier of more than 5 km length and between 100 and 200 meters width, to access the small Punta de la Banya peninsula, where one of its attractions is that you can see the sea whether you look to the left or to the right. From the gazebo at the end of the peninsula, you have a good view onto salines de la Trinitat.

5. River mouth

Deltebre i Sant Jaume d'Enveja, three protected natural areas of great importance: The Garxal, Sant Antoni island and Buda island. The two islands have the restricted access and to enter, you must request authorization at the Natural Park administration. Garxal beach, on the other hand, is an area that can be visited walking or with the bike. Several explanatory panels of the fauna and flora of the area have been made available, as well as viewpoints of birds that allow to observe the birds living there. The Riumar urbanization, 8 km from Deltebre, quiet beaches to enjoy with the family with all the services within reach.

Turisme Terres de l'Ebre - Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre

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