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Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre

The largest wetland of Catalonia is one of the most important in the Mediterranean region. The mouth of the river that gives name to all our lands constitutes a natural park of first order with an incomparable wealth of flora and fauna that make it unique and exceptional. With a total area of 7,736 hectares it comprises the Baix Ebre and Montsià regions. Within its vast extensios are the Les Ollas, the Canal Vell, the Garxal, L'Alfacada, the Platjola, the Tancada and L'Encanyissada ponds, as well as the Buda, Sapinya and Sant Antoni islands, the “Punta de la Banya” and “Fangar” peninsulas, the Casablanca moor and the “Ullals de Baltasar. More than 500 different species contribute great potential with respect to vegetation, where wattle, reeds, eucalyptus and river honeysuckles stand out. And we cannot forget the rice, the star legume of the area, the production of which occupies large tracts of deltaic terrain. With regard to fauna, birds are of great importance in the area, quantified between 50,000 and 100,000 units of 300 different species. The humid climate provides the ideal habit for insects and invertebrates, while the different degrees of salinity of the water facilitates that a great number of fish can be found among which may mention eels, mullets and black drum, which coexist with introduced species such as catfish. The climatic conditions and the terrain, together with its natural beauty, allow the visitor to contemplate a great spectacle where the water of the river and the sea are the main protagonists. A multitude of routes and activities complement the offer of the Ebro Delta area and the municipalities within it.


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