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Parc Natural dels Ports

The Els Ports Natural Parc extends into the Catalan area of the Els Ports Maountains, a massif that surpasses the limits of Tierras del Ebro and enters the provinces of Teruel (Aragón) and Castellón (Valencia). These mountains stand out for the richness of the fauna and flora living here and, in fact, are the refuge of many endangered animal and plant species. The presence of the Hispanic goat and the populations of beech, that here they have the most southern enclave of Europe, stand out. We should not forget the historical links established between the populations bordering the massif and the farms in the area, which are now abandoned. The use of the natural resources of these areas, such as hunting, livestock, timber extraction, lime and resin production, or the construction of snow pits, are reminiscent of times of intense human presence in this natural space. In 2001, with the declaration of the Els Ports Natural Parc and the Partial Retaule Fageda Natural Reserve, the natural values of one of the most significant natural areas of Catalonia were recognized, the second largest after the Natural Park of the Cadí Moixaró Natural Park. Since then, in the villages of Roquetes, La Sénia and Horta de Sant Joan you can visit various interpretation centers that help you to know the natural and cultural wealth hidden in the interior of these mountains.


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