Diputació de Tarragona



RIHIHIU is a festival which aims to recover, reflect and rethink the local and landscape heritage from a gender perspective. RIHIHIU brings together different contemporary artistic disciplines that have been assembled as part of a new heritage that, in a certain way, will generate, value and consolidate identities around our territory.

Did you know that rihihiu was the cry –similar to the neighing of a horse– that they used on these plains of olive trees to communicate? It was a shrill, high-pitched and prolonged cry that was used to inform that people were already nearby and that they could meet to share a meal or to chat, celebrate or tell stories by the fire. In fact, this cry takes different forms, all similar to each other, depending on where it is located. Currently there are similar cries in Ibiza, the Basque Country, La Gomera or Asturias. Language scholars have detected cries similar to the rihihiu in Arab or Hebrew culture.

Correspondingly, Arab women who live in this region often remind us that in their cultural register there is also a festive cry known as Zaghareet.


Inland and waterborne activities, gastronomy, wine, culture, nature…
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