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In-FCTA is the Terra Alta Film Festival, which was started in the town of Bot (Terra Alta) in 2017 by the actor Ivan Massagué, director of the first festival, and the local revitalization group, Sorolla't, in collaboration with Bot Town Hall, the Terra Alta Regional Council, as well as private entities and companies in the region. The objective of the In-FCTA is to spread culture in deprived areas with reduced access, offering diverse, high quality cultural formats. The organizers look for locations in Terra Alta to promote cultural, audio visual and cinematographic formats, and although this festival has always been important in the area, in recent years it has lost some of its lustre. Thus, In-FCTA is promoting the discovery, projection and spreading of feature films of various themes and genres, and independent short films by means of the short film competition organized within the framework of the Festival.

Apart from the film screenings and short film competition, before and during the festival there is a series of activities on revitalization, information and film education for children and adults. If the intention is to increase interest in this art among the population, it is necessary to make it available to adults, for their enjoyment, but also so that they can increase their knowledge of the world of cinema, and to create a place for reflection and dialogue on the same cultural format of the themes that are developed in the projected works, as well as making it available to children, to know it, appreciate it, create it and get excited about the cinema.


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