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Cala Santes Creus

43860 L'Ametlla de MarTarragona, Catalunya

Cala Santes Creus in Ametlla de Mar (Terres de l'Ebre) is a pebble and rock cove nestled on the coast of the Santes Creus protected area of high ecological interest. It is isolated from the urban centre and quite difficult to get to. Since it has no services, it tends to be uncrowded, even in high season.

The cove can be reached by crossing the Santes Creus protected area in the southern part of the cape of the same name, through beautiful scenery included in the Areas of Natural Interest Plan. The area is of great ecological interest, not only for its lagoon landscape but also for the presence of a rich and varied endemic fauna, among which snails and crustaceans are particularly noteworthy, as well as its typical Mediterranean flora.

Cala Santes Creus is about 130 m long and 25 m wide and has crystalline waters with a moderate swell. Like Ametlla de Mar’s other beaches and coves, Cala Santes Creus is on the GR-92 Mediterranean long-distance hiking route as well as a spectacular coastal footpath that allows you to jump from cove to cove and beach to beach.

Those who know the beach often take the opportunity reach it by kayak or canoe and admire the landscape, which ends in a very photogenic small lake, from the sea.



Cala Santes Creus

Cala Santes Creus s/n
43860 L’Ametlla de Mar
Coordinates: 40º 51' 42,296" N 0º 46' 54,187" E



  • Parking at the beginning of the path
  • Signage



  • Type of sand: Gravel and rock
  • Width (m): 25 metres
  • Length (m): 130 metres
  • Access: By car from the N-340 road main road or the A-7 motorway (Exit 39 L’Ametlla de Mar). By train: Tarragona-Tortosa line, L’Ametlla de Mar station. By interurban bus.
  • Classification: Couples, Families, Hikers,
  • Surroundings: L’Ametlla de Mar, GR-92 Mediterranean long-distance footpath and coastal footpath.



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