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Cala Vidre

251T Carrer de la Carabela
43860 L'Ametlla de MarTarragona, Catalunya

Cala Vidre is one of the most spectacular coves in L’Ametlla de Mar and the Terres de l'Ebre and is one of the coves most frequently searched for by visitors on internet browsers. Did you know that it is a cove of great interior and underwater beauty? If you’re wondering why, we can tell you that Cala Vidre is located below the remains of Sant Jordi d'Alfama Castle (12th and 17th centuries) in the Sant Jordi protected area. Moreover, Cala Vidre, which takes its name from its crystal clear waters, is one of the best places for scuba diving. You’ll soon see why.

If we talk about the inner beauty of this small 60 m long by 20 m wide cove we can tell you that its beach is a combination of sand and small pebbles and its services include accessible showers and toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility. The beach slopes gently down to the water, which has a moderate swell, making it ideal for families. Duly signposted, the surroundings of Cala Vidre were part of the Territorial Reorganisation Plan, a protected area of some 255 hectares reclaimed from farmland where species of flora such as kermes oak, mastic and the Mediterranean dwarf palm proliferate. Particularly interesting among its endemic fauna are birds such as the woodpecker and the crested eagle.

Cala Vidre’s seabed is ideal for scuba diving. Enthusiasts can choose between two distinct itineraries. The first, in the direction of Cala Sant Jordi, has a maximum depth of nine metres. It is quite long but does not present much difficulty, which invites you to make different passes so as not to miss any detail. The other route is in the direction of Cala Forn and takes you past a rocky formation with two accessible caves, one from each cove, both of which are easy to enter.

You can reach Cala Vidre by car from the N-340 main road via the Urbanització Sant Jordi d’Alfama residential estate and from the motorway via Exit 39 (L’Ametlla de Mar). By train, to L’Ametlla de Mar station on the Tarragona-Tortosa line. You can also reach the cove by interurban bus.



Cala Vidre

Carrer de la Carabela, 251T
43860 L'Ametlla de Mar
Coordinates: 40º 54' 38,989" N 0º 49' 47,812" E



  • Parking
  • Showers
  • Daily cleaning
  • Signage
  • Sports activities



  • Type of sand: Fine golden sand with small pebbles
  • Width (m): 20 metres
  • Length (m): 60 metres
  • Access: By car: from the N-340 main road via the Urbanització Sant Jordi d'Alfama residential estate or from the A-7 motorway Exit 39 (L'Ametlla de Mar). By train: Tarragona-Tortosa line, L'Ametlla de Mar station. By interurban bus.
  • Classification: Couples, Families, Hikers,
  • Surroundings: L’Ametlla de Mar and Sant Jordi d’Alfama Castle


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