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Cala Estany Tort


Cala de l'Estany Tort is one of the most difficult to reach coves in L’Ametlla de Mar (Terres de l'Ebre), but once there you discover a real treasure. Located in the lagoon that originates at the mouth of the Estany Tort ravine, it is very isolated from the urban area. It can be reached on foot or by car, although it does not have an authorised parking area. Like Cala Xelin, Cala de l'Estany Tort has hidden spots with difficult access that have historically been used by pirates and smugglers to hide or shelter from storms.

Located to the north of L’Ametlla de Mar, very close to the Cala Nova residential estate and Cala Xelin beach, Cala de l'Estany Tort is one of the region’s most valuable ecological areas. Of modest size, about 50 m long by 60 m wide, it opens up to the visitor in the form of a privileged, welcoming refuge, with its fine, golden sand mixed with small pebbles and shallow waters with gentle waves. It has showers and picnic areas that invite you to spend the whole day there. The quality of this cove is certified by the corresponding Blue Flag.

One of its most characteristic features is that it is much appreciated by diving, snorkelling and underwater photography enthusiasts. At the mouth of the ravine and the surrounding streams, the waters of the lagoon host numerous endemic species, especially insects and snails. The natural harbour of Estany Tort, together with the Cape of Santes Creus, is the most extensive virgin coastal strip in the south of Tarragona province. In fact, this privileged space was once the common mooring place for the area’s fishermen who came here to catch unique species, such as the Valencia toothcarp, a fish native to the Iberian Mediterranean coast.



Cala de l’Estany Tort

43860 L’Ametlla de Mar
Coordinates: 40º 53' 36,347" N 0º 48' 58,450" E



  • Showers
  • Accessible to persons with certain disabilities
  • Daily cleaning
  • Signage
  • Litter bins
  • Picnic area



  • Type of sand :Fine, golden sand mixed with small pebbles
  • Width (m): 60 metres
  • Length (m): 50 metres
  • Access: You can get there by car from the N-340 main road via the Calafat residential estate and from the A-7 motorway (Exit 39 L'Ametlla de Mar). You can reach it by train, taking the Tarragona-Tortosa line and getting off at L'Ametlla de Mar station. There is also a interurban bus.
  • Classification: Couples, Families, Hikers
  • Surroundings: L’Ametlla de Mar, L’Estany Tort ravine and natural port


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