La Franqueta, La Cova Picasso, La Roca Llisa and Els Estrets

We can start this excursion from the recreational area of La Franqueta. On the banks of the Estrets river and in the shade of large poplars.

From this point we can start different itineraries, in fact, the proposal we make is a union of some trakcs proposed by the Natural Park. The one called the Cova Picasso is one that passes through the cave that the painter and his friend Pallarès, from Horta de Sant Joan, visited. It is said that Picasso was inspired there during one of his stays in the Terra Alta. The section of path that goes along the Estrets river is very easy to walk and is ideal for families.

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

14.05 km
3-4 hores/hours
+457m / -457m
Circular route: Si

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Itinerari 1

Cova Picasso

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Itinerari 2

Mas Corretja

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Itinerari 3


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Itinerari 4


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