To El Fangar Lighthouse

Due to its uniqueness and as it stands out in the arid environment, the Fangar lighthouse is one of the most characteristic architectural and landscape symbols of Terres de l'Ebre.

Punta del Fangar is a peninsula of 410ha that goes into the sea north of the mouth of the Ebro, in front of the bay of Fangar, with different natural environments: beach, mobile and fixed dunes, sandbanks and bay.

The peninsula is about 6 km long and 3 km wide, until it reaches its end, which is called Punta del Fangar.

This is an important nesting area protected by woodpeckers and gulls, among other seabirds. It is also an important refuge for life for many reptiles, insects, micromammals and some amphibians.

On this route we recommend getting from the parking area to the Fangar Lighthouse, walking along the beach, between the dunes and the sea.

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

9.5 km
3 hores/hours
+45m / -45m
Circular route: Si

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