The Monumental Trees of La Sénia

This route is a clear example of the awesomeness of the nature out of the known zones. In this little corner of the world you will find beeches, yews, black pines, boxwoods, hollies, hazels, white beams and wild pines. All this, a few kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea.

Of all these kind of trees, you will be able to see two heritage ones: the Faig Pare (a beech) and the Pi Gros (a pine). Faig Pare is a specimen that seems out of a fairy tale. It is approximately 300 years old. Pi Gros is a specimen of a black pine of epic proportions and it is approximately 700 years old. In order to get to the starting point you will need to start from la Sénia to Ulldecona’s Lake and follow the forest track of la Fou for 9 km.

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

21 km
5-6 hores/hours
+1200m / -1200m
Circular route: Si

Track GPX

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