Ebro Nature Way, GR-99

It follows the river from its source to its mouth. In the Catalan section that runs through Terres de l’Ebre, there are a multitude of small islets that the river has been building and individualizing.

They are distributed along the Ebro riverbed from Ascó to Deltebre. These are areas with formations of high natural interest - reedbeds, silt beaches, albaredas ... -, which are home to great biodiversity, with populations of herons, kingfishers, small passerines, etc. Finally, the Ebro has a spectacular mouth, as the sediments dragged for hundreds of years have formed a delta of enormous proportions. This delta began to form about 1,500 years ago and has an area of 320 km2 of flat land and extensive rice fields. Delta wildlife, basically birds, attracts birdwatching lovers from all over the world. In fact, between 50,000 and 100,000 specimens of more than 300 species of birds are quantified.

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

143.15 km
6 etapes/stages
+2562m / -3000m
Circular route: No

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Stage 1

De Mequinensa a Almatret

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Stage 2

D'Almatret a Flix

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Stage 3

De Flix a Móra d'Ebre

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Stage 4

De Móra d'Ebre a Benifallet

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Stage 5

De Benifallet a Tortosa

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Stage 6

De Tortosa a Amposta

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