Battle of the Ebro Landscape

Follow part of the Ebro, seeing the landscape that it is leaving in its path and enter the northern part of the Terra Alta

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

98.16 km
+1747m / -1739m
Circular route: Si
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This route covers part of the Ribera d’Ebre,but also some areas of the northern part of the Terra Alta, for which it forms an itinerary that runs through Ribera forests, along roads parallel to the river or through El Pantano de Riba-roja, as for the Battle of the Ebro areas, such as the Berrús hermitage area, or that of the Sierra de la Fatarella and the Coll de les Paumeres.

The route turns out to be a tug-of-war of light and constant ascents and descents, with the exception of some stretch of continuous ascent, such as the Pobla de Massaluca and the Fatarela areas, which require more physical resistance, and the final part, which is a continuous descent section.

The route begins in Ascó (although, being a circular route, you can start from another area). From there, it crosses the Ebro and continues on its way to Vinebre and La Palma d'Ebre. Then it passes by the Flix meander and, just after that, when you get to the area, it crosses the river again. Once past Flix, the route continues parallel to the river, leaving Riba-roja d'Ebre on one side, until reaching the Riba-roja reservoir. Afterwards, the itinerary continues through the interior to the Pobla de Massaluca, the first stop on the route that runs through Terra Alta. The route runs through this municipality, goes through a secondary road, way to Vilalba dels Arcs, passes next to the Fatarella and, in a last section of pronounced descent, returns finally to the point of beginning, in Ascó.

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