Terres de l’Ebre, a Biosphere Reserve

Go through the landscape of one of the 100 best sustainable destinations in the world

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

195.9 km
+1684m / -1684m
Circular route: Si
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If you are an experienced cyclist and want to measure your strength on the bike, this is a good route. Even so, think carefully, because if you decide to do it, you must cover a total of 190km. Of course, you will move throughout a Biosphere Reserve.

This itinerary advances through Els Ports National Park, Sierra de Cardó, Sierra del Montsià and Ebro Delta Natural Park, among others, combining mountain stages with others next to the sea and rice fields. It is, therefore, a good way to be in contact with nature and with the diversity that encompasses all the Terres de l'Ebre.

The route begins in Tortosa (but, being a circular route, you can start it from other urban centers) and continues towards Alfara de Carles, crossing Roquetes and Els Reguers. Then, go down towards Xerta and follow the Ebro until you enter again towards the surroundings of Els Ports Natural Park and towards El Pinell de Brai, where you come across a series of small slopes. Leaving El Pinell behind, you arrive at Miravet, Benissanet and Mora de Ebro, and you end up crossing the Ebro to go to Ginestar and Rasquera. From this second town, you climb up to the Sierra de Cardó and from there you start a zigzag road, which joins the municipalities of Benifallet and Tivenys. It is shortly after this point, when you start pedaling in the direction of Ebro Delta, coming across Amposta, Sant Carles de la Rápita and all the deltaic landscape, so peculiar and unique. Bahía de los Alfaques is close by. This itinerary gives you the opportunity to accompany the Mediterranean by road to the coast of Alcanar. Then, you have to climb Sierra del Montsià to reach Ulldecona and continue traveling through the valley formed between the Sierra de Godall and the Montsià, until you reach Santa Bárbara. Once there, you have one last stretch of road to complete this circular route.

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