A tour down the Terra Alta, Baix Ebre and Montsià

Crossing the Terra Alta, from La Sénia and passing through Tortosa. 3 regions by bike

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

152 km
+1805m / -1821m
Circular route: Si
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Landscapes of vineyard, mountain and Ebro, and think that the Ebro almost does not pass through the Terra Alta.If you want to travel around the Parque Natural de Els Ports without giving up to follow the Ebro for a few kilometers, this is your route. The difficulty of this one lies in the distance 152km. You will also find steep descents, like the one between Pinell de Brai and Benifallet or climbs like Coll del Bot, with a positive slope of 465 meters.

The route departs from La Sénia (or from another point, since it is circular). From there it passes through La Galera and Santa Bàrbara until it reaches Tortosa. Continue upstream towards Tivenys and Benifallet and cross the river to start the part of the Volta in the Terra Alta, which starts at the Pinell de Brai. The itinerary advances through Gandesa, Bot and Prat de Comte. Then return to the Sénia by another road, on the other side of the Ebro, passing through Xerta, Aldover, Roquetes and Mas de Barberans.

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