Route of contrasts of Terra Alta

Go through a place of contrasts

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

70.54 km
+1537m / -1537m
Circular route: Si
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This is a route that crosses six populations of Terra Alta, as well as exploring the landscapes and the Battle of the Ebro areas.

It is called Route of Contrasts due to the fact that, while the north of the region is flatter and it has a drier climate, there are numerous hills and low mountain ranges in the south, which form an arid relief.

The route, of moderate difficulty, is 70km,long. The southern part is the most complex one. It is for this reason that we recommend starting the route from Gandesa, to be able to face the most difficult part at the beginning. But it is a circular loop, so you can start at another point. After Gandesa, you will pass through La Fontcalda, a natural pool in the middle of Els Ports. This is a mandatory stop. After La Fontcalda, you arrive at Prat de Comte and, from there, you start on your way to Bot, going up to Coll del Moro and Tossal de Mudèfer, two small mountains of Terra Alta. You continue riding through Batea, Vilalba and Corbera d'Ebre, and you end up going back to Gandesa.

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