Grand Tour Terres de l’Ebre

Get ready to cycle along the road for 200 km and add 4,180 positive meters.

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

206.37 km
+4.472m / -4.472m
Very hard
Circular route: Si
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It is a complicated route, which requires previous technical skills endurance and good physical preparation to avoid wavering in the attempt. During the journey, you will find several sections of ascent and descent, accumulating a total unevenness of 4,180 meters.

The itinerary starts from Tortosa (or from other points, since it is a circular route), and continues through La Sénia, from where it goes up to the town of Bel, to the Ermita de los Pallerols and to Fredes. They are three demanding climbs. Then return to La Sénia and continue, crossing fields of dry land, until you reach the point from where the ascent to Mont Caro begins, the viewpoint of Els Ports par excellence, at 1,442 m. During this climb you will encounter more than 12 technical climbs and with slopes of between 10 and 12 % unevenness.

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