From Deltebre to the river mouth

Starting at the Ebro Delta Ecomuseum you’ll follow the riverbank as far as Riumar, where you can visit the Zigurat and Garxal lagoons, the sand dunes, etc.

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

31.9 km
3-4 hores/hours
+3m / -3m
Circular route: Si

The rice cycle characterises the colour of the landscapes. Blue spring, green summer, yellow end of summer and earthy winter. Each season has its own charm.

The flat lands characterise the landscape and gives the place one of the most peculiar and unique landscapes in Catalonia. The Ebro Delta is the most important wetland in Catalonia, in 1983 it was declared protected area. There can be observed 343 species of birds and more than 500 of different species of vegetation.

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