From L’Aldea to La Bassa de les Olles

The itinerary partially crosses the old path of the Via Augusta as it passes through l’Aldea, Camarles and l'Ampolla.

Distance, duration, unevenness and difficulty

24.3 km
2-3 hores/hours
+20m / -20m
Circular route: Si

The route allows you to see the different fortifications and watchtowers of the old coastline, as well as Fangar Bay and La Bassa de les Olles, a small lagoon perfect for bird watching all year round.

Although it is an easy and circular route, suitable for all kind of publics, that crosses roads with low traffic intensity, it is necessary to be careful with the vehicles. It can be done in 4 hours or during a day investint time in visits and stops.

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