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© K. Storsberg, Arxiu PNDE
© K. Storsberg, Arxiu PNDE
© K. Storsberg, Arxiu PNDE
© K. Storsberg, Arxiu PNDE


Presenting the first ornithological annual on the Ebro Delta

The first ornithological Annual on the Ebro Delta was presented on 13th December last year. The Annual is a document publishing all of the most important observations in bird communities occurring each year in the region.

The first volume of the ornithological Annual includes the most interesting events occurring during 2014. It is expected that the Natural Park will continue with this project annually.

Attending this presentation were the director of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, Francesc Vidal and the authors of this publication, Toni Curcó responsible for protection and research of the Park and David Bigas, ornithological expert and ranger.

The Ebro Delta is known internationally for its birds. The vast diversity, high concentrations of bird communities at different times of the year, and the relative ease with which you can observe different species are reason enough for its attraction, giving great satisfaction to nature lovers in general, as well as the most demanding ornithologists.

This new publication complements the information on birds which was started in 2012 with the Master List of Birds at the Ebro Delta.

You can look at the annual in the following link:

You can check the Master list of birds at the Ebro Delta in the following link: