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New guide for observing wildlife at Els Ports Natural Park

The Guide for observing wildlife is a new leaflet which makes it easier to identify and increase knowledge of the wide range of wildlife at Els Ports Natural Park. The idea of editing this guide came from Park collaboration with a group of environmental education companies, guides and touristic initiatives. It is lightweight, practical and useful, with explanations and essential information on outings in the countryside to discover, observe and identify the wildlife living in Els Ports, always following a code of good practice.

After a few months of work, this has been condensed into a plasticized sheet measuring 46 x 36cm, which has been folded to make 8 sections of 11.5 x 18cm. The chosen format is ideal for putting in your backpack: it weighs nothing, it can be wet and it can be folded up without any problem. The design was based on other edited material such as a map of Boumort Reserve.

One side of the guide contains useful information on the Park and its installations as well as a code of good practice for observing, photographing and filming the wildlife. In fact this advice is universal for any activity carried out in nature, and was developed with respect for wildlife so as not to disturb the balance or put the safety of its environment or its own life at risk.

The main part of the guide is made up of drawings by naturalist and illustrator Toni Llobet. There are more than 100 illustrations which allow the identification of 32 different animal species, which are of the biggest and most unique that you may come across whilst walking along the paths in Els Ports. A big number of these are large mammals, among which is the wild goat, and here we are shown the differences in age and sex and a scene illustrating the behaviour of groups in heat. Given that we can often detect the presence of some animals by looking at their remains without actually seeing the animal itself, included are drawings of their footprints, lairs, pellets, boars rooting and rubbed trees. As for birds, there are numerous illustrations of birds of prey both still and in flight, with differences in plumage and shape depending on their age and sex.

The guide was presented in Paüls on 29th May during activities for the 15th anniversary of Els Ports Natural Park. It has been edited in 4 languages (Catalan / English and Castilian / French) and can be obtained for €4, a price which covers the cost of reprinting when all copies have run out. If you are interested in buying one then go to one of the visitors’ centres in Els Ports Natural Park. You are sure to enjoy it and it will inform you about the wildlife in this natural area.