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© Consorci Serra Llaberia
© Consorci Serra Llaberia
© Consorci Serra Llaberia
© Consorci Serra Llaberia


Bird Watching In Llaberia Mountain

Between the regions of Ribera d’Ebre, Priorat and Baix Camp, you will find the Llaberia mountain range which is natural area of special interest. It is a natural area of the Catalan coastal mountain range, with lots of mixed forests, scrubland and rocky outcrops. The area is managed by the Consorcio de la Sierra de Llaberia (Llaberia mountain range committee), which also carries out all conservation and promotion work.

The Llaberia Mountain Range Natural Area of Interest is the habitat for numerous species of birds, which are representative of the Mediterranean; however, there are also some unique elements. Mild winter weather and typical characteristics of the landscape make this a very interesting place to go bird watching at any time throughout the year.

It is relatively easy to see birds of prey there, such as the golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, the short-toed eagle and the peregrine falcon. One of the most unique birds in the area is the red-billed chough, which can be easily seen from the cliffs at Mont-redon, in Tivissa, and is reached along country paths. There are also lots of forest birds including wood pigeons and jays.

In the outlying agricultural areas there are lots of passerines; the most beautiful of which are the golden oriole and the European bee-eater.

The best areas forbird watching are from the Llaberia peaks or the Llena mountain range in Tivissa. Even local roads through the country-forest areas, where there is very little traffic, are great for seeing a huge variety of birds.

To become acquainted with the area and get lots of valuable information on routes and tourist services, it is recommended that you visit the Centro de  Interpretación de la Sierra de Llaberia (Llaberia Mountain Range Interpretation Centre) in Pratdip. You can also get information on the area from: or by asking for information at the Consorcio de la Sierra de Llaberia (Llaberia mountain range committee) on +34 977 417 544.

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