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Ruta combinada camí al Delta de l'Ebre


Starting from Riu a l’Ebre with the River Ebro on our left we cycle until we come to a slope which takes us over a bridge, complete with bicycle lane, known as "El Passador", where we can cross over to the other side.

We will go past the "Racó del Riu" restaurant, under the bridge and in 100m join the “Sirga del Delta” pathway. For most of our way along this ancient path we ride parallel to the river, alongside a low, wooden protective fence. In 3km we get to Balada, a village which lies opposite the Island of “Gràcia”. The village’s only road marks the division between the boroughs of Amposta and Sant Jaume.

We can go to see the Balada Oleander, listed as a monumental tree. Then we drop off our bikes and board the kayaks.
From here it takes about an hour to get to the Island of “Sapinya”, an area of less than 7 hectares in the borough of Amposta, where the unspoilt vegetation is characteristic of its delta environment. It boasts no fewer than 130 different species of listed plants and its riverbank woodland, made up of species of willow and poplar, is of great importance and needs careful upkeep to ensure it is conserved. As regards fauna, the island is an important roosting site, attracting overwintering species of birds and cormorants among many others.

Leaving the island on our left in order to see the hidden spots with the most abundant vegetation we will continue down river following the more interesting, right bank until we come to the Island of “Gràcia”.

The trip ends at the jetty in Riu a l’Ebre.

Excursions start daily at 10:00 h




Between 5 and 5.5 hours




Groups / Families



Oars, lifejackets, insurance, en route assistance and the expert advice of our staff.



If you need to keep your belongings dry waterproof containers are available for hire or bring a waterproof cover with you for your cell phone.

Excursions start daily at 10:00 


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