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Terres de l'Ebre

Are you a responsible tourist?

You can help the environment

Sustainable Tourism Projects

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM The term Sustainable Tourism includes a group of activities geared towards promoting compatibility between the economic, social and aesthetic impact of tourist activities, and the cultural and environmental integrity of the accommodating regions.

To achieve this, the tourist must be aware of the need to preserve natural areas, and at the same time, understand that a traveller's experience can be much more enriching the more he/she integrates with the local people.

In the knowledge that there is a rich biodiversity in Terrres de l'Ebre (with numerous protected fauna and flora), the Terres de l'Ebre tourist brand encourages visitors, the local people and the tourist sector to develop and strengthen a more sustainable tourism; one which satisfies the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability to satisfy the needs of future generations.

+ For more information:

Download the OMT Code Of Ethics for Tourism (available in Castilian)
Find out about the latest news on sustainable tourism from the World Tourism Organization
Look at the United Nations web page on Sustainable Tourism
Web page for the Department of Housing and the Environment

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