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Terres de l'Ebre

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photoIf you like nature, then in Terres de l'Ebre you will find long, peaceful beaches, lush green areas in the Ebre Delta National Park and rugged mountains in Els Ports National Park. If you prefer to discover our historical heritage you can visit prehistoric paintings declared a World Heritage, or there are impressive fortifications built by the Arabs and Templars. If what you want is popular culture, then a visit to fishing villages or villages in the mountains will help you to understand the character of the people and to discover this country declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO on the 28th of May 2013.

This is just a brief summary of an incredible amount of tourist attractions on offer in the four most southern regions of Catalonia, known as Terres de l'Ebre. With such different surroundings, away from the built up areas and conventional tourist trips, visitors can choose whatever best suits their needs.

Terres de l'Ebre is located between the Mediterranean sea and the most southern rock faces of the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range. The calm waters of the Ebre River – the largest in Spain – shape the land and form meanders which calmly lead across the delta plain, down to the sea.

The last stretch of the Ebre River has been the melting pot for many different cultures. The fact that it is strategically positioned in business terms – products travelling by sea can travel inland upriver – has seduced all kinds of civilizations: the Iberians, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians, have all established some of the most important strongholds there. All of these passing cultures have left an important legacy which can be seen in popular traditions, monuments, the language, and also in the character of the people.

This natural, cultural legacy enriches any visit to Terres de l'Ebre, and gives tourists the chance to discover details which lay hidden in the collage created by the four most southern regions of Catalonia.
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