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Our aim here in Terres de l'Ebre is to offer excellent tourist services and accommodation. Therefore, your impressions, comments and suggestions are extremely important to help us continually improve our destination.

> What image do you have in general of Terres de l'Ebre as a tourist destination?

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How long are you going to stay here?
One day (without staying overnight) From three to six days
Two days Seven days or more

Hotel Rural accommodation
Guesthouse Hostel
Family or friends house Camp Site
Tourist Apartment Second Residence

> Why did you choose Terres de l'Ebre for your holiday or leisure destination?

Main reason for your visit

Visit friends or family
Passing through
Active tourism
Culture and history
Festivals and Events
Nature and ecotourism
Rural tourism
Beaches and the coast
River navigation
Fishing and hunting

How did you find out about us?
Advertisments in guides or magazines
Travel Agents
Tourism Fair
Friends / family
Have visited previously

How did you get our web page?
Advertisments in guides or magazines
Links from other web pages
Tourism Fairs
My friends / family recommended it
Internet browsers

Indicate your sex

Less than 25 Between 45 and 54
Between 25 and 34 Between 55 and 64
Between 35 and 44 More than 65

Usual place of residence

Level of education
No qualifications
Basic education
Secondary education
Higher education

An estimate of daily expenditure (excluding transport and accommodation)?
Less than 30 € Between 90 and 120 €
Between 30 and 60 € Between 120 and 150 €
Between 60 and 90 € More than 150 € daily

Is this your first visit to Terres de l'Ebre?
Yes, It is my first visit
No, I have visited between 2 and 4 times
No, I have visited more than 4 times

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