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Routes and Proposals
Tourism on offer in Terres de l'Ebre can be divided into three categories: natural areas, the natural heritage and gastronomy. If you are interested in discovering really beautiful places in these four southern Catalan regions, a few carefully selected routes to follow either on foot, by car or by bicycle, will give you the chance to enjoy the scenery surrounding the Ebre River, the Delta and Els Ports Massif. They are mostly easy routes and recommended for those who are looking for close contact with nature. Sant Jaume trail, the Mediterranean trail and the Stars of the South trail are just a few examples.

However, apart from nature, there are numerous archaeological remains from diverse cultures and civilizations which have lived in the Ebre regions. The Route of the Iberians or the museum-style sites where the Ebre Battle took place, are two kinds of cultural visits giving you the chance to discover the history of these areas and the character of the people living there. Furthermore, you can finish off every outing with a good meal, and try the different local cuisine combining products from the sea and the mountains. The Terra Alta Wine Route, the Rice Route and the Oyster Route in the Ebre Delta will guide your taste buds on a route of different flavours round Terres de l'Ebre.

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