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Sailing down the Ebre River is a pleasant activity for enjoying the scenery in peace and quiet, with lush riverbank forests and the sound of birds singing. Traditionally, however, river navigation was the main means of trading for villages along the river. The novel “Camí de Sirga” (The Towrope Path) by writer Jesús Moncada, born in Mequinensa, is one of the best novels to explain how economical and social activities developed around the river.

“The river was the core of economic life for the village and for its inhabitants. When we were children the river was incredibly attractive for us: we used to go fishing, swimming and sailing and some of us unfortunately drowned there – every year there would be a death. People from Mequinensa just couldn't perceive life without the Ebre or Segre rivers, as both of them merged together in the village. The river was extremely important, and sailing for us was something magical.” fragment of the novel, “Camí de Sirga” by Jesús Moncada (Mequinensa, Baix Cinca 1941 – Barcelona 2005)

For many years, river navigation was restricted to freight transport, an activity which  disappeared in the middle of the 20th century because the road network was improved, meaning that goods could be transported along them too. A new navigation project was promoted at the end of the 1990s, which was exclusively aimed at leisure and tourism.

So now you can travel along the more of 100km of River between Ascó and Amposta, whether it be in your own boat, a rented one, on a small cruise boat or for the more adventurous, more of 125 km between Riba-roja d'Ebre and the mouth of the river,  by canoe or kayak.

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Institut per al desenvolupament de les Comarques de l'Ebre (Institute for the Development of Ebre Regions)
Av. Generalitat, 116
43500 Tortosa
Tel. (0034) 977 510 546

Sailing along the Ebre.

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