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As the Terres de l'Ebre has such a variety of landscapes, there is a huge amount of wonderful culinary produce - from the sea and mountains – which forms the base of their tasty traditional cuisine and is one of the main tourist attractions. The mountain forests of Ports, interior dry plains, vegetable gardens along the Ebre River and the Delta plain offer lots of different produce: mushrooms, vegetables, sweet or citrus fruit or the typical rice from the Ebre Delta. All of this is complemented by the flavours of fish and shellfish, which is enriched by the nutrients of the river as it flows into the sea. Lots of products have been given the Protected Designation of Origin or the Protected Geographic Indication, two certificates which recognize the quality of produce, for example cured meats with rice, olive oil, wine from Terra Alta and a variety of desserts of Arabic origin. All making this unique, extra special Catalonian gastronomy.
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